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CEREC (Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a dental experience where you can go and have your brand new false tooth made and fitted with a single visit rather than the multiple sittings required with earlier techniques.

Porcelain Cerec Crowns and Cerec Inlays/Onlays (porcelain fillings) are available to our patients at McKenzie Dental in just one visit.

How does it work?

Our dentists will restore your damaged teeth with natural colored ceramic crowns, saving you time in just one visit. In most cases, no temporary crown or second visit is required. Cerec technology enables our dentists to convert the digital image of the prepared tooth into a 3D model on the computer screen. Your dentist will custom design the restoration from this model and enters the data into the computer. In about 10-30 minutes, the Cerec technology mills out a porcelain restoration. Finally, the dentist will place the restoration and bond it in place. Cerec crowns and fillings are made from a solid block of compressed porcelain which ensures a strong restoration that can be color matched to your other natural teeth. Please ask our dental team if your tooth is a good candidate for a one visit crown.

Advantages of a CEREC:
• The dentist performs the restoration in a single session
• No need for the dentist to make an impression and send it to a lab
• No temporary crowns
• No return visits for the patient
• The restoration is natural looking
• Perfect shape and color


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